The need to be in touch with your messages, your data and all developments at the office while on the move is a fact of life today.

This is why we built CompassAir™

Our new mobile app for phones and tablets gives the freedom to check and send emails, use the office address book, make phone calls, send text messages or even search and find information about ships, deals and fixtures.

Messages read on your mobile device with CompassAir™  are marked as read on your desktop COMPASSng in real time. Users can easily sync multiple private and public mailboxes, file to folders and create links with other data for enhanced flexibility. Notifications and badges will be there to show you any newly arrived, important emails. Searching for emails with CompassAir™ is super fast.

iOS and Android versions are currently available for all models and screen sizes.

Call us to try CompassAir™ today.